BCSEA Result 2024: How to Check Bhutan BCSEA Results

In this article, we will discuss when you can expect the BCSEA Result 2024 to be released and how you can check them.

The Bhutan Council for School Examinations and Assessment (BCSEA) is the official body responsible for conducting the Bhutan Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (BCSE) for Class 10 students in Bhutan.

The BCSE is a crucial examination that determines the academic progress of students and serves as a gateway for further education and career opportunities. If you have appeared for the BCSE in 2024, you may be eagerly awaiting the results.

When can you expect the BCSEA Result 2024?

The exact date for the release of BCSEA Result 2024 may vary, and it is usually announced by the BCSEA through official channels.

However, based on previous years’ trends, the BCSEA Result for Class 10 are generally declared in the month of June or July.

It’s important to note that the BCSEA follows a meticulous process of evaluation and moderation to ensure fair and accurate results, which may take some time.

How to check your BCSEA Result 2024?

There are several ways through which you can check your BCSEA Result 2024. Here are some methods that you can consider:

Online through the BCSEA website

The BCSEA usually publishes the results on its official website (www.bcsea.bt).

You can visit the website and look for the “Results” section.

Once the results are announced, you may be able to enter your details such as your exam roll number or registration number to view your BCSEA Result 2024.


The Education Management Information System (EMIS) portal is an online platform that provides various educational services in Bhutan, including the BCSEA exam results.

You can visit the EMIS portal (www.emis.gov.bt) and navigate to the “Examinations” section to find the BCSEA Results 2024.

You may need to enter your exam roll number or other required details to access your results.

SMS service

The BCSEA also provides an SMS service for students to check their results. You can send an SMS to a designated number with your exam roll number or registration number to receive your BCSEA Result 2024 on your mobile phone.

The designated number and format for sending the SMS will be announced by the BCSEA during the result declaration period.

School notice boards

In addition to online methods, the BCSEA Result 2024 may also be displayed on the notice boards of your school.

You can visit your school and check the notice board for the latest updates on the BCSEA exam results.

BCSEA Model Answers for Class 10

Apart from the BCSEA Results, the BCSEA also publishes the model answers for the Class 10 exam papers.

The model answers are made available on the BCSEA website and can be accessed by students who wish to evaluate their performance and learn from their mistakes.

The model answers provide a comprehensive understanding of the correct answers and marking schemes, allowing students to self-assess their answers and improve their exam preparation for future exams.

Online BCSEA Result 2024 Login

To access your BCSEA Result 2024 online, you may need to log in to the BCSEA website or the EMIS portal.

The login credentials, such as your exam roll number or registration number, will be required to access your result.

It’s important to ensure that you have your correct exam roll number or registration number handy to avoid any inconvenience while logging in.

In conclusion, the BCSEA Results 2024 for Class 10 are crucial for students in Bhutan to determine their academic progress. This information will help you to access the results.

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