Best High Schools Georgia By Rankings and Trends

Georgia boasts a diverse range of high schools, each offering a unique educational experience. When choosing the best high school for your child, it is crucial to consider academic performance, extracurricular activities, and the school’s overall reputation. This article explores two lists: the best high schools in Georgia based on rankings, and schools currently trending in your local area.

The Best High Schools in Georgia by Rankings

  • Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology (GSMST): GSMST tops the list, renowned for its commitment to excellence in mathematics and science education. It boasts a 100% graduation rate and a remarkable college readiness score of 94.7. Students have access to challenging AP coursework and exams, providing a solid foundation for future academic endeavors.
  • Columbus High School: Columbus High School ranks second in the state. With a 100% graduation rate and a college readiness score of 87.7, it offers a rigorous academic program that prepares students for success beyond high school. The school’s commitment to AP coursework and exams is reflected in its national ranking of 75.
  • Davidson Magnet School: Davidson Magnet School ranks third in Georgia. Despite a smaller enrollment size, it maintains a 100% graduation rate and a college readiness score of 63.2. Students at Davidson Magnet School have access to challenging AP coursework, contributing to the school’s national ranking of 174.
  • DeKalb School of the Arts: DeKalb School of the Arts ranks fourth in Georgia. With a 98% graduation rate and a college readiness score of 79.9, it offers a comprehensive arts-focused curriculum alongside its commitment to AP coursework and exams. The school’s national ranking is 194.
  • Lambert High School: Lambert High School secures the fifth spot in the Georgia rankings. It boasts a 98% graduation rate and a college readiness score of 69.1. Its dedication to AP coursework places it at number 210 nationally.
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High Schools Currently Trending

  • Grayson High School is making waves in Gwinnett County with its innovative STEM programs and award-winning robotics team.
  • Chattahoochee High School in Fulton County is known for its rigorous academic curriculum. It is also a school that is committed to diversity and inclusion.
  • Alcovy High School in Newton County has recently gained a reputation for its excellence in the arts. Its students are winning numerous awards at state and national competitions.
  • Morrow High School in Clayton County is a rising star in the academic world. Its students consistently outperform state averages on standardized tests.
  • Monroe Area High School in Walton County is a top choice for students seeking a well-rounded education. It has strong academics, competitive athletics, and vibrant extracurricular activities.

Final words on Best Schools in Georgia – Rankings vs Trends

The ranking list offers academic insights. But factors like current events, community engagement, and local news coverage shape the trends. As such, trending schools may not always align with traditional ranking metrics.

Selecting the best high schools for your children involves carefully considering your child’s individual needs and interests. Ultimately, the best high school is one that aligns with their goals, values, and aspirations.

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