Download MEHRD Form 4-6-7 Placement and Exam Results 2023

Here is some additional information on Exam Results 2023, MEHRD Form 4-6-7 Placement 2024 and the Scholarships Offer Letters that you may find helpful.

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Here is some information about SITESA and SIG Scholarship. Click on the links to find out about each scholarship for Solomon Islands citizens in the country and overseas.

MEHRD Exam Results 2023

The secondary school exams ended in November. Many students are anticipating the MEHRD exam results 2023.

But, when will the exam results come out? MEHRD publishes the exam results in March every year. Last year’s examination Results for Years 9,11 & 12 were ready on the 8th of March 2022. So, expect this year’s results to come out early in March 2023.

The best place to check is the Solomon Islands government’s website (MEHRD news page). They usually do a ‘press release’ to keep the public informed.

How to Check MEHRD MEHRD Forms 4-6-7 Placement & exam results?

The 2023 exam results are in PDF. You can download and check your names. To check the MEHRD exam results for 2023, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1. Go MEHRD website, click here
  • Step 2. Click on ‘Exam Results’
  • Step 3. Hit the blue link ‘…to access exam results…
  • Step 4. At the download page, open the examination folder 
  • Step 5. Open the ‘Exam Results 2023‘ folder
  • Step 5. Check for your school’s name and download the PDF file.
Now, you can check for your name.

MEHRD Form 4-6-7 Placement

The MEHRD Form Placements are out at the same time as the exam results and are available on the education department’s website. 

To check the Form 4, 6, and 7 placements, follow Steps 1 – 3 outlined above. From Step 4, instead of opening the Exam Folder, you have to open each Form’s placement folder. The image shows the folder that contains the Form 7 placement.

MEHRD Forms 4-6-7 Placement
MEHRD Forms 4-6-7 Placement 2023

 Offer letters for the 2024 scholarships 

The Solomon Islands Tertiary Education Skills Authority (SITESA) will announce the dates for issuing scholarship offer letters. 
In practice, SITESA will prepare the 2023 scholarships before April and advertise the awards thereafter. 
You can also find out about SIG Scholarship and how to apply online, here.

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