ECZ Results 2022 Grade 12 Online, Zamtel, Airtel, MTN 8383

Here are quick steps on how to check ECZ Results 2022 Grade 12 Online and via Zamtel, Airtel and MTN 3883. You can also find out when Zambia Grade 12 results may come out based on the last five years’ results-release dates.

Snapshot of ECZ Results 2022 Grade 12:

  • How to Check Grade 12 Results Online?
  • How To Check Grade 12 Results Zamtel, Airtel, MTN – 8383?
  • When is ECZ Grade 12 results 2022 coming out?
You can find out the answers to these questions below. Also, get detailed information about the Grade 9, Grade 11, Grade 12 and GCE results 2022 in this article



Here is how to check results for Grade 12 results online:
  • 1) Visit
  • 3) Click on CANDIDATE SIGN IN
  • 4) Select the LEVEL (see diagram)
  • 5) Enter Examination Number
  • 6) Hit the Continue tab
  • 7) Click on “ELECTRONIC STATEMENT OF RESULTS” to view, download and print the PDF file.

That’s how to check the Zambia Grade 12 results 2022 – you can use the same steps to check the Grade 7, Grade 9 and GCE results.

How To Check ECZ Grade 12 Results Zamtel, Airtel, MTN – 8383?

You can check the Grade 12 results on your phone messaging service:
  1. You open the new message pad on your Mobile Phone
  2. Type the full Examination Number (Leave Space)
  3. Type the Examination Year (Leave Space)
  4. Type the Examination Grade and
  5. Send to 8383

The checking of results is available to all networks such as Zamtel, Airtel and MTN. There is a service charge.

When is ECZ Results 2022 Grade 12 coming out?

From past releases, the ECZ results for Grade 12 often come out 7 – 14 days after the release of Grade 7 and Grade 9 results. Though time does not often repeat every time, this historical record will give you an idea about when the  ECZ  Grade 12 results coming out this year.

        [Year] > G9 & G11 results >  Grade 12 Results

  • 2022     Out on 30/12/2022     Yet to be released
  • 2021     Out on 03/01/2022      Out on 28/01/2022
  • 2020     Out on 12/02/2021     Out on 26/02/2021
  • 2019     Out on 31/12/2019      Out on 15/02/2020
  • 2018     Out on 01/01/2019     Out on 21/01/2019
The 2021 Grade 9 and Grade 11 internal results came out on the 03rd of January 2022, followed by the Grade 12 results 27 days later
Also, the 2020 Grade 12 results came out 17 days after the Grade 9 and 11 results, the 2019 Grade 12 results took 15 days and 2018 Grade 12 results took 20 days.

So, you can see that the Grade 12 results can take between 15 days and 27 days to come out after the Grade 9 and Grade 12 results have been released – about 2 to 4 weeks. By the analysis of the past five years, expect Zambia/ECZ Grade 12 results 2022 to come out in mid-January 2023

The best place to check is the Examination Council Facebook page. The exam boards of Zambia have done a great job releasing info on Facebook and Twitter. Check their news feed and posts for the latest information on Grade 12 exam release date.
We hope that this gives you an idea about how long you can wait for the Grade 12 comes out. 
Meanwhile, take a look at how you can check Grade 12 Results Online and via the 8383 on Zamtel, Airtel and MTN. Get detailed information about the Grade 9, Grade 11, Grade 12 and GCE results 2022 in this article

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