How to Check GCE Results 2024 Zambia 

Every year, students in Zambia eagerly await the release of their General Certificate of Education (GCE) results. These results are a crucial milestone in their academic journey, determining their future prospects. 

To help you stay informed, we will provide you with essential information on when the GCE results for 2024 in Zambia are expected to be released and how you can access them.

when do gce results come out

When Are GCE Results Coming Out 2024?

In recent years, the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) has typically released GCE results towards the end of September and sometimes extending into mid-October. 

For instance, last year, students were able to access their GCE results on the 25th of September 2022. While exact dates can vary, this timeframe should give you a general idea of when to expect the results.

How to Check GCE Results – Zambia 

Once the GCE results for 2024 are officially announced, you can easily check your results using the E-STATEMENT OF RESULTS service provided by the ECZ

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • 1. Visit the ECZ Official Website: Go to the Examinations Council of Zambia’s official website.
  • 2. Navigate to E-STATEMENT OF RESULTS: Look for the “E-STATEMENT OF RESULTS” link on the website and click on it.
  • 3. Candidate Sign In: Click on “CANDIDATE SIGN IN” to proceed.
  • 4. Select the Level: Choose the level for which you wish to check your results from the dropdown box. This typically refers to Grade 12 GCE results. Click the “Continue” button to proceed.
  • 5. Enter Examination Number: Enter your Candidate’s Examination Number in the provided textbox and then click on “Continue.”
  • 6. View Your Results: The results will be displayed, showing all the details of the candidate and the school. You can review your grades and other relevant information.

GCE Statement of Results

  • 7. Print Your Statement of Results: If you wish to keep a physical copy of your results, you can click on “PRINT STATEMENT OF RESULTS.” This will generate a PDF document in a new tab within your browser.
  • 8. Troubleshooting Pop-ups: If you encounter a message saying, “The statement of results has been successfully generated BUT the statement is not shown in the browser,” it may be due to pop-up blockers in your web browser. In this case, you will need to enable pop-ups and then redo the process from step 4.

Final words

As you eagerly anticipate your GCE results for 2024 in Zambia, remember to stay updated on the official announcements from the Examinations Council of Zambia. Checking your results online through the E-STATEMENT OF RESULTS service is a convenient and efficient way to access your academic achievements. 

Best of luck to all the students awaiting their results!

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