Zambia Grade 7 Results 2023 and Grade 7 Cut-Off Points

The ECZ Results 2023 Zambia was out. Here are the Grade 7 Cut-Off Points and how to check the ECZ Grade 7 results 2023 online and via Zamtel, MTN and Airtel.

In this brief article, you’ll find out about:

  • How To Check Grade 7 Results 2023 Zamtel, Airtel, MTN – 8383.
  • How to Check Grade 7 Results Online?
  • Zambia Grade 7 results 2023 Stats
  • Grade 7 cut-off points for Zambia

The latest information on this help page for visitors from the beautiful country of Zambia. Click on the blue link for info you need to know about this year’s Grade 7 and Grade  9 ECZ results.

How To Check Grade 7 Results 2022 Zambia

How To Check Grade 7 Results Zamtel, Airtel, MTN – 8383.

  1. You open the new message pad on your Mobile Phone
  2. Type the full Examination Number (Leave Space)
  3. Type the Examination Year (Leave Space)
  4. Type the Examination Grade and
  5. Send to 8383

The checking of results is available to all networks with a service charge.

How to Check Grade 7 Results Online?

Here is how to check results for Grade 7 results online:
Grade 7 Cut-Off Points 2022 ZAMBIA
ECZ e-Statement of Results 2023 Zambia All You Need To Know
  • 5) Enter Examination Number
  • 6) Hit the Continue tab
  • 7) Click on “ELECTRONIC STATEMENT OF RESULTS” to view, download and print the PDF file.

That’s how to check the Grade 7 – you can use the same steps to check the Grade 9, Grade 12 and GCE results.

Zambia Grade 7 results Stats (& Grade 7 Cut-Off Points)

Here are the numbers released by ECZ for the candidates sitting the Year 7 2023 examinations:

  • Candidates entered – 493,932
  • An increase of 7.86% from 2021.
  • 255,828 candidates were Girls, 51.79% of the total number of candidates.
  • 238,104 candidates were Boys, 48.21% of the total number of candidates.
  • 44,405 (8.99%) candidates were absent.

91.01% of candidates sat Grade 7 examinations 

A promising 449,538 (91.01%) candidates sat for the ECZ Grade 7 examinations in 2023. This comprises of:

  • 233,189 Girls
  • 216, 349 Boys
Divisions compositions are as follows:
  • Division one – 64,008
  • Division two – 121,490
  • Division three – 96,356
  • Division four – 167,684

Grade 7 cut-off points for Zambia

More girls progressed through Divisions 1,2 and 3. While more boys than girls progressed through Division 4.

The progression rate is 100% due to automatic progression to Grade 8. 

 It is important to note that starting 2023, a passing mark (Grade 7 cut-off point) will be introduced.

Visit this page for more information on Grade 9 and Grade 12 results.

Disclaimer: This data and information are sourced from the Examinations Council of Zambia website, Facebook page and Twitter account. If you have any questions, please comment below. 

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