How to get IELTS refund

You can cancel your IELTS test registration at any time before taking your test by notifying your Test Centre. You can get IELTS refund depending upon (1) when you cancel and (2) whether exceptional circumstances apply in your case.

Get IELTS refund exceptional circumstances

You may make a case for exceptional circumstances to your Test Centre before the test and up to five calendar days after the test date if you did not attend the test. 

Your Test Centre will respond to you within seven working days of receiving your case in writing. Your Test Centre will assess your case for exceptional circumstances. 

All cases for exceptional circumstances and supporting evidence must be received by your Test Centre before or no later than five calendar days after the scheduled test date.

If your Test Centre approves your case, you will receive a refund.

Exceptional circumstances include serious medical conditions that prevent you from attending IELTS on test day.

You must provide supporting evidence such as a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner to prove your claim. This also includes evidence of bereavement, trauma or other forms of significant hardship.

IELTS cancelled by Test Centres

Under certain circumstances outside Test Centre’s control, your test may have to be cancelled. 

These circumstances include and are not limited to extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, civil unrest, industrial action, global pandemic or any unforseen circumstances.

In these cases, your Test Centre will give you the choice of a full refund or a transfer to a future test date convenient to you

Check your in-country IELTS Test Centre for specific information on how you can get IELTS refund.

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