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IOL Students Portal
IOL Students Portal info

IOL Social Media Publications

Should urgent matters arise, IOL will publish the important information on all IOL social media platforms. This can be:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Examination information on the different IOL qualifications
  • Contact Class timetables
  • Basic First Aid timetables
  • Announcement of competition winners
  • Any other IOL events – Information sessions, Graduation, Student Counsellor visits etc.

Please note this information will be available on the IOL website, the Student Portal, Facebook and Instagram.

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Important Information Sessions (Inductions)

The purpose of the Information session initiative is to take all IOL students through the IOL processes. You will be introduced to all the various qualifications and all student support services and gadgets such as the Student Portal and Kindle, respectively.

There are always students that cannot attend these sessions and as this is an important event, IOL opted to record the Information sessions and made them available on IOL’s YouTube Channel. Recordings can also be viewed at the IOL Student Support Resource Centre.

IOL student attendance at Information sessions

As an IOL student, attendance at Information sessions is at no extra charge. Feel free to clarify anything you do not understand, as this opportunity is made possible to work toward your qualification comfortably.

Information sessions include the following information: Registration, Assignments, Examinations, examination credits and examination bookings, Assessment policy, Contact Classes, Electronic books/Kindle, IOL Student Portal login, Office 365, IOL YouTube channel, and Student Representative Council (SRC). Others include the following:

  • School-Based Studies (SBS)
  • Basic First Aid (BFA)
  • Counselling Services
  • Study Buddy system
  • Resource Centres and Regional
  • Coordinators/Course Coordinators
  • The graduation ceremony
  • Alumni and more.

NAMIBIA IOL Students Resource Centres

IOL has Student Support Resource Centres at all Regional Offices. Each office has a Regional Coordinator or Supervisor to assist students to make their studies as convenient as possible.

Students have access to this resource centre (library) equipped with all prescribed textbooks, study guides, computers and internet access.

IOL Student Counselling

A student counsellor is available to assist students with any social, personal and/ or academic counselling that may be needed. Students will be notified via text message should the counsellor be in their region.

The counsellor can also be reached telephonically at 061 – 270 9186.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The SRC is the liaison between IOL and the student body. The names and contact details of the SRC members are available on the IOL website.

Students are free to their SRC members regarding IOL-related matters.

Study Buddy System

This system was initiated to encourage study groups registered for the same academic field and living in the same area.

You can contact your nearest Regional Office for a list of students’ contact details. These lists are only available on request.

IOL Students Portal, Contact and helpline

If you need help and would like to reach out to the Institute of Open Learning staff or tutors for more information, please visit or contact the IOL Call Centre at 061-270 9100.

Here are also other contacts who can help you:

  • WINDHOEK +264 61 270 9100
  • ONGWEDIVA +264 65 233 300
  • WALVIS BAY +264 64 212 000
  • KEETMANSHOOP +264 61 270 9640
  • KATIMA MULILO +264 66 254 1900
  • RUNDU +264 66 255 066
  • GOBABIS +264 61 270 9610/12
  • MARIENTAL +264 61 270 9631/2

IOL Students Portal Admin notice

Note that this information is for the IOL students as on starting their studies and throughout their residential studies at the IOL centres. If you need more information, please visit the IOL website or the links in this article.

We recommend that you download the complete IOL Student Information Booklet [PDF]. There is a lot of information on the IOL Students Portal Login and others your should know.

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    The fact that students are notified via text message when the counsellor is in their region is a fantastic initiative. This ensures that students are aware of the counselling services available to them and can conveniently seek assistance when needed. It shows that IOL values proactive communication and wants to ensure that students have easy access to the support they require.

    Additionally, providing a dedicated telephone number for contacting the counsellor at 061-270 9186 is highly beneficial. This allows students to reach out directly and discuss their concerns or seek guidance, fostering a sense of trust and confidentiality. It’s essential for students to have a reliable and confidential channel to discuss any issues they may be facing, and IOL’s provision of a telephone contact facilitates this in a supportive manner.

    Furthermore, the mention of the Student Representative Council (SRC) highlights IOL’s recognition of the importance of student representation and engagement. By providing the names and contact details of SRC members on their website, IOL is promoting transparency and accessibility. Students have the opportunity to reach out to SRC members for any IOL-related matters, ensuring their voices are heard and their concerns are addressed.

    Overall, I applaud IOL for prioritizing the well-being and support of their students through the provision of student counselling services and establishing an active Student Representative Council. These initiatives create a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters student success and satisfaction.

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