When will UTME 2024 Result come out?

The last 3 years have been challenging for many countries to run examinations. Nigeria has done well. The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination has completed registration and examination for its students. The next step is to release the UTME 2024 Result. 

Understandably, over 1.1 million students (based on UTME/DE registration data) are anticipating their results and are asking when is JAMB results coming out? Here are some answers that may give you (the students) some directions while waiting for the release of the Jamb Exam Results. 

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UTEM 2024 Result
When will JAMB results come out – UTME 2024 Result

JAMB UTME Exams 2024

The 2024 JAMB Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) end on the 29th April 2024.

To all the students who are doing the exams, all the best. 

If you need mathematics exam questions, check out the maths past exam questions and answers PDF on this maths resource website. You can see some possible JAMB Maths exam questions.

How long does it take for UTME 2024 Result to come out?

The JAMB exams take 2 weeks. The exams were done in batches. Based on past experience, the UTME 2024 Result *is likely* to be released in batches, too. 

The exam results for students who sat the UTME from 25th April 2025 will come out, individually to students, prior to the other results.

That means that students may get their results within 48 hours (2 days) after the exams, but the overall results may not be available on the JAMB result portal until the last exams are completed.

We will keep an eye out for any News Updates and Bulletin releases from the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board, JAMB.

You can also check the JAMB website as we believe this is the PRIMARY source of info.

When will UTME 2024 Result come out?

The student’s results will be available on the JAMB results portal after all the examination results and exam-related data have been updated. 

That means that the exams should be finalised at the same time, and made available to students at the JAMB students portal. See below how to access the 2024 results.

Data cleansing, updates and announcements relating to results are the work of JAMB. Therefore, the students, news outlets and stakeholders will have to get the *final* (confirmed) dates from JAMB. 

In fact, the board is the only body to inform all stakeholders about the result dates; and when exactly the results will be available on the result portal. 

If you have your details, you can check the info about the JAMB result portal in the previous article.

Expected dates for the release of individual student results

Based on the 48 hours release time, we infer that the following are likely times for the individual students to get their results – you can also check with your Exam Centres for more details. (Note: the times are inference only and based on the 48 hours and the past 2021  releases.)

JAMB results for 2024 will come out on the following dates for individual exams. But now available at JAMB student portal until the last UTME exam is done.

For the 2024 results release date – click here



Friday, 6th May

Monday, 9th May

Saturday, 7th May

Mon 9th or Tue 10th

Monday, 9th May

Wed, 11th May

Tuesday, 10th May

Thursday 12th May

Wed, 11th May

Friday, 25th June

Thursday 12th May

Friday 13th May

Friday 13th May

Monday 16th May

Saturday 14th May

Mon 16th or Tue 17th

Monday 16th May

Wednesday, 18th May

JAMB Portal Login Result Checker: 3 Steps to check UTME results 2022

UTME 2023 Result

1. Go to the JAMB result checking portal >> For more info click here.)

2. Enter your Registration Number/Email Address in the blank box provided.

3. Click on “Check My Results” (The portal will load your results will show on the screen). 

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