Kenya Police Recruitment 2024: What You Need to Know

Are you interested in serving your community and joining the Kenya Police Service (NPS)? While there hasn’t been an official announcement for a Kenya Police Recruitment 2024 yet, there were plans mentioned in September 2023 for one to take place this year.

This article provides a general overview of past recruitment processes to help you prepare for the potential 2024 exercise. Remember, this is based on past procedures, and the specifics for 2024 may differ.

Past Police Recruitment Processes:

Past Kenya Police recruitment exercises have typically involved the following steps:

  1. Application: Applications were usually submitted in person at designated centers within your sub-county.
  2. Requirements: Applicants needed to be Kenyan citizens within a specific age range (usually 18-24 years old). Minimum education requirements like a KCSE score with a D+ pass were often stipulated. Other documents like a valid National ID and certificates might be needed.
  3. Selection: Shortlisted candidates likely underwent medical examinations and physical training assessments.

How to Stay Informed (Kenya Police Recruitment 2024):

Here’s how you can stay updated on official announcements for the 2024 Kenya Police Recruitment:

  • National Police Service Website: Regularly check the NPS website ( for news and announcements, particularly the recruitment section.
  • NPS Social Media: Follow the National Police Service on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for official updates.
  • Kenyan News Sources: Stay informed by following credible Kenyan news sources like The Star ( or Daily Nation ( for news related to police recruitment.

Preparing for Kenya Police Recruitment 2024:

While the official application process is yet to be announced, here’s how you can prepare in advance:

  • Meet the Basic Requirements: Ensure you meet the age and education requirements (if any) that might be outlined in future announcements.
  • Physical Fitness: Maintaining a good level of physical fitness will likely benefit you during the selection process.
  • Start Gathering Documents: Prepare copies of your National ID, academic certificates, and any other documents that might be requested during application.


  • Only rely on official sources from the National Police Service for recruitment information.
  • Beware of fake news or scams circulating online. The NPS itself debunked fake news about a January 2024 recruitment drive.

We hope this information helps! Keep an eye out on official channels for the official announcement regarding the 2024 Kenya Police Recruitment.

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