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The Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) recently released the 2024 Junior Certificate Examination (JCE) cohort results, which are now available for viewing on the BEC website,

This article serves as a detailed guide on how to access and interpret these results (My JCE Results 2024), along with key insights into the overall performance of candidates in comparison to the previous year.

Overall Performance

In 2024, the overall pass rate for the JCE cohort stood at 77.79%, showing a slight decrease from the 78.10% recorded in 2022. Interestingly, female candidates demonstrated superior performance compared to their male counterparts. Here’s a breakdown of performance at individual grades:

  • Merit Grade A: 10,563 candidates (23.58%) attained this grade, slightly lower than the 10,681 (22.81%) recorded in 2022.
  • Grade B: 14,158 candidates (31.64%) achieved Grade B, showing a slight decline from the 15,234 (32.53%) in 2022.
  • Grade C: 4,344 candidates (9.68%) received a Grade C, compared to 4,152 (8.87%) in the previous year.
  • Grade D: There were 438 candidates (0.97%) who obtained a Grade D, a decrease from the 488 (1.04%) candidates in 2022.
  • Grade E and Ungraded: A total of 5,318 candidates (11.91%) received a Grade E, while 6,875 (15.38%) candidates were ungraded. This represents a decrease from the previous year, where 6,014 (12.84%) were Grade E and 7,368 (15.73%) were ungraded.

It’s worth noting that candidates who did not meet the requirements for grading were denoted with the letter X. Typically, such issues are resolved within six (6) weeks of the enquiries about results period.

How to Check My JCE Results, BCE Website

The distribution of results will be carried out through various channels:

1. Distribution to Centres: Centres will have access to the Malepa system for result distribution.

2. Distribution to Regional Offices: Regional Offices will also access the results through the Malepa system.

3. Individual Candidates: Candidates can access their results through the BEC website ( and via SMS. Detailed guidelines on how to access results are available on the BEC Facebook Page, Botswana Examinations Council, as well as the BEC Twitter Account, @Bots_Exams.

4. Distribution to Ministry of Education and Skills Development: The Ministry will receive the results in hard copy book versions and CDs containing reports on the Analysis of Candidates’ Performance.

For further inquiries or assistance, individuals can contact the BEC via their toll-free number: 0800 601 025.

JCE results 2023 My JCE Results, BCE

Conclusion (My JCE Results, BCE Update)

In conclusion, the release of the 2024 JCE results brings valuable insights into the performance of candidates, with the website serving as a central hub for accessing these results. Whether you’re a candidate, educator, or stakeholder, understanding the distribution process and performance trends can aid in informed decision-making and support efforts for educational advancement in Botswana.

Source: My JCE Results BCE update: accessed 02/02/2024

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