Namibia Grade 11 Results 2024 Updates

Namibia Grade 11 results 2024: The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture has made the important announcement that the eagerly awaited Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate Ordinary (NSSCO) and the Advanced Subsidiary Levels (AS) examination results will be released by January 2025.

This is a crucial moment for many Namibian students, as their performance in these exams will determine their future academic and career paths. The Ministry understands the importance of these results and is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the process is fair, transparent, and credible.

Namibia Grade 11 Results 2024 Stringent Process

Several processes and procedures are in place to ensure the credibility of the examination results. These include:

  • Setting question papers: Question papers are set two to three years before the exams take place. This ensures that students have enough time to prepare.
  • Marker training: Markers are expert teachers trained to apply the marking scheme consistently. They also undergo refresher training to ensure that they are up-to-date on the latest marking guidelines.
  • Chief examiner oversight: A chief examiner is responsible for ensuring that the marking is consistent across all scripts. They may also pull some of the scripts and review them to see whether there has been consistent quality standard marking.
  • External involvement: Two experts from the University of Cambridge observing the marking process. The Namibia Grade 11 NSSCO marking this year was without hiccups.

Addressing Dissatisfaction – Remarking Scripts

The Ministry also has processes in place to address any concerns that students may have about their results. If students are unsatisfied with their grades, they can apply for a remarking. A different panel of markers will then re-mark the scripts.

Publication of Results: The results will come out online and in the media. Students can also collect their statements of results from their schools.

Namibia Grade 11 Results 2024

The release of the Namibia Grade 11 results is an important event for the country. The Ministry of Education, Arts, and Culture is ensuring that the process is fair, transparent, and credible. Students who are waiting for their results are to be patient and to check the Ministry’s website for updates.

To find out how to check the Namibia Grade 11 results 2024, click here.

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