National EAS Test 2024 Students Resources

EAS Test 2024 Resources for students: this is a dedicated resource page for students who are preparing for the EAS test following up to the months of August and September. We have started collecting resources to help students. Let us know if there is any helpful EAS prep resource that we should include on this page.EAS test practice resources

What is EAS Test?

According to the NYC Teaching Desk,

The EAS (Educating All Students) test measures the professional and pedagogical knowledge and skills necessary to teach all students effectively in New York State public schools. The NY State certification exams are rigorous, and you should plan to spend ample time preparing for each exam.

How to prepare for EAS Test

  • 1. Register the EAS test. Be sure to give yourself up to four weeks between the date you sign up and your test date to ensure you have sufficient time to study.
  • 2. Review the testing overview and identify your knowledge gaps within the testing competencies.
  • 3. Study the words and concepts you identified as gaps, use an online resource such as a vocabulary list. Also, join a study group with others that are taking the EAS test.
  • 4. Take a practice exam.
  • 5. Based on the results of your practice exam, determine knowledge gaps, and places where you need to learn more about a given topic.
  • 5. Based on Step 5 use the updated resources and vocabulary list to prepare. (see the links below for resources to help you)
  • 7. Take additional practice exams.

2024 EAS Test Study Guide, Practice and Preparation Resource | Educating All Students 

Here are useful and recommended online resources to help you prepare for the EAS test.
Revision materials:
  • Flashcards
  • Vocabulary List

Check out the EAS revision materials and links here.

New York State Teacher
Certification Examination
Preparation Materials

  • Special Education in NYC
  • Bilingual Education Models
  • 5 Key Strategies for ELL Instruction
  • National Centre for Learning Disability 

Check out the EAS revision materials and links here.

Test day tips: How to stay cool, calm and prepared on the test day

1. Be sure to look up the specific instructions for your testing centre and ensure you bring all necessary identification with you on the testing day as well as leaving all prohibited materials at home.  Nearly all testing centres will require you to bring at least two current forms of photo ID. Some test centres will not allow you to bring a cell phone with you to the centre at all while others may provide a space to lock your belongings prior to entering the testing space.
2. Know the exact physical location of the testing site; drive the route to the site prior to test day.
3. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting, layered clothing to the testing centre; prepare for it to be either cold or hot during the test. Again, be sure to check the testing centre regulations for what you’ll be allowed to bring into the room.
4. Arrive at the test venue early; be prepared to wait and be patient.
5. Know the test directions, duration, topics, question types, and number of questions and come
into the test with a plan for how much time you need to spend on each type of question.
6. The computer at your testing centre may be a model you are not familiar with using. Follow the
directions on the screen. Calmly ask for support from a staff member at the centre if your
system has any sort of malfunction during your exam.
7. Pace yourself; don’t rush, but keep working and move on quickly if you get stuck.
8. Keep your first answer unless you are positive it is wrong.
9. Check your work carefully for avoidable mistakes.

National EAS Test 2024 Students Resources

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