How to check NESA results 2024

How to Check NESA 2024 Results? The National Education and School Inspection Authority (NESA) will release the highly anticipated 2024 NESA results as planned. Whether you took your Primary 6 Leaving Examination, Secondary 3 exams, Senior 6 (General Education) track, TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training), or TTC (Teacher Training College) exams, you can check your performance online. This guide will walk you through two simple methods for accessing your 2024 NESA results: online and via SMS. Remember, confirmation of the process is crucial, so let’s find out how to head to the NESA website to ensure a smooth and successful result check!

How to Check NESA 2024 Results Online

  1. Go to >>>
  2. Choose a ‘Level’ (P6, S3, S6 GE, TVET or TTC),
  3. Enter ‘Registration’ Number (Your candidate/index number)
  4. Click on the blue ‘search button’ Now your selected NESA National Examinations Results will appear. You can download the result or print it for future use.

How to Check NESA Rwanda Exam 2024 Results by SMS

Students can access their 2024 NESA Rwanda exam results by SMS to 4891.  P6, S3 and S6 – index number and send SMS to 4891. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open your text message box. 2) Enter the SMS number: ‘4891’
  2. Enter ‘level’ and ‘registration number (NO SPACE)
  3. Press ‘send’.

There may be a network charge for this service, your results will be sent to your phone.

502 Error Bad Gateway

If you see the 502 messages, it means a huge volume of traffic is visiting the website at the same time.

All you have to do is try again at a later time when there is no internet traffic queue for your chance to log in and check your results. Alternatively, use SMS to get your results.

This guide equips you with the knowledge to confidently check your 2024 NESA results. Remember, for the most up-to-date process and any potential changes, refer to the official NESA website before checking your results. Take a deep breath, follow the steps outlined here, and good luck!

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