NSSF Self Service Portal Kenya

NSSF self-service portal: The National Social Security Fund (NSSF) is the government agency of Kenya responsible for the collection, safekeeping, responsible investment, and distribution of retirement funds of all employees in all sectors of the Kenya economy that do not fall under the government pension schemes.

Here you will find information about NSSF Member Portal including how to register, log in and get help when you need it.

How to login to NSSF self service portal

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can register yourself in Self Service Portal.

You need to visit NSSF’s Official Website via https://selfservice.nssf.or.ke. On the Home page, you will find “Member Portal” Located on the top menu.

Thereafter, you will be on Service Portal Login Page. If you are already registered and you want to login to your Self Service Portal Account proceed by providing your login credentials Member Number or Email and Password

If you lost your login credentials, reset them here https://selfservice.nssf.or.ke/recover-forgottenlost-credentials-member/

How to register to NSSF self service portal

nssf self service portal

If you are not registered in Self Service Portal, you have to start by following the steps below.

In order to enjoy NSSF online services ( Self Service Portal ) members are required to register and get Online Account to enable access to personal details and esquire status for contributions and claims.

To create an Online Account member is required to have a Member Id, Email Address and Mobile Number.

For security purposes account details including passwords are secret to members, and no other person should know these details.

To start registering go to >> https://eservice.nssfkenya.co.ke/eApplicationMember/faces/newUser.xhtml

Then provide all required information and click on Register.

Contact NSSF Kenya Office

If you would like more assistance, you can contact the NSSF Kenya help centre using the contact details shown below.

National Social Security Fund (HQ) – P.O. Box 30599 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya
Main Line: (020) 2729911, 2710552

Email: info@nssfkenya.co.ke

Toll Free: 0800 2212744

Cell Phone: 0709-583000, 0730-882000

ISDN: 2832000

Website: selfservice.nssf.or.ke

Office of the Ombudsman: 020-2270000, 020-2303000