STAAR Test Results for 2024: Dates, Access, and Insights

The State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR®) is a high-stakes test that measures student progress in core subjects. Every year, Texas students take the STAAR, and the results determine whether they’ve met the state’s academic standards. As a student, parent, or educator in Texas, you’re likely curious about the 2024 STAAR results release date. This article provides a comprehensive guide to understanding the timeline, access methods, and what the scores might reveal.

The Impending Arrival of  STAAR Test Results 2024

While the Texas Education Agency (TEA) hasn’t pinpointed the exact release date, historical trends suggest the results will arrive in late May or early June 2024. Here’s a breakdown of the anticipated schedule:

  • Late May: District testing coordinators receive preliminary data, including raw scores and performance level indications. This information can be used for initial decisions regarding graduation and targeted instruction.
  • End of May: Early scale scores and student performance levels are delivered to district coordinators.
  • Late June: Districts receive preliminary assessment reports containing data files, campus and district summaries, confidential student rosters, and report cards. These reports can be used for final decisions on accelerated instruction and graduation if no corrections are requested.
  • Early August: Final assessment reports with updated data and student report cards reflecting any corrections are sent to districts. These reports serve as the foundation for final student-level determinations.

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Accessing Your Child’s STAAR Scores

To access your child’s STAAR results, you’ll need their unique Texas Student Data System (TSDS) ID. This identifier tracks a student’s academic journey throughout their schooling. Schools provide TSDS IDs, and it’s crucial to keep them secure for various educational and administrative processes.

Many Texas districts utilize Skyward, a platform that manages student data and assessment results. Skyward empowers districts to analyze STAAR results at the individual student, grade level, and campus levels, enabling progress tracking over time. Parents can also access their child’s STAAR scores through Skyward.

Beyond the Dates: A Look at Trending STAAR Topics

The STAAR testing landscape continues to evolve. Here are some trending discussions to consider:

  • House Bill 4545 mandates targeted instruction for students who fail STAAR subjects, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing reading proficiency efforts. The current 67% reading proficiency rate signifies a decline from 76%, highlighting the need for ensuring students reach grade-level reading before STAAR.

  • The Impact of COVID-19 and Changing Test Formats: The pandemic’s disruptions and the 2024 question format changes might lead to lower scores initially, as students adjust. Additionally, online STAAR testing has shown lower scores compared to paper testing, and the TEA is considering adjustments to the A-F accountability system due to concerns about a disconnect between district ratings and graduation rates.

  • Weighing Campus Outcomes: A proposal to consider student demographics when calculating district ratings could result in more C ratings and fewer A and B ratings. Additionally, with teachers instructed to follow a specific curriculum with limited flexibility, it will be interesting to see how STAAR results compare between schools using this curriculum and those that aren’t.


While the exact release date for the 2024 STAAR results is still forthcoming, the TEA’s detailed reporting timeline offers valuable insights for districts. By leveraging platforms like Skyward and ensuring students have their TSDS IDs, districts can effectively analyze STAAR results and make informed decisions to improve learning outcomes for all students.

FAQs STAAR Test Results 2024 and Dates

Q: When will the STAAR results be released for 2024?
A: The exact release date has not been announced yet, but typically the results are released in late May or early June.

Q: How can I access my child’s STAAR results?
A: Parents can access their child’s STAAR results through the state’s online portal or by requesting a paper copy from their child’s school.

Q: What subjects are included in the STAAR test?
A: The STAAR test covers various subjects including Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies depending on the grade level.

Q: Can students retake the STAAR test if they did not pass?
A: Yes, students who did not pass the STAAR test can retake the test in the next administration or during a designated summer testing period.

Q: What do the STAAR test results mean for my child’s academic progress?
A: The STAAR test results are used to measure a student’s mastery of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and can be used to inform decisions regarding academic placement or intervention.

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