When Do August SAT Scores Come Out 2023?

Awaiting your August SAT scores for 2023? Find answers to common questions about when scores will be released, when colleges will receive them, and how you can access your results. Get the insights you need to plan your next steps effectively.

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when do SAT scores come out in US


1. When Do August SAT Scores Come Out in 2023?

Answer: August SAT results for 2023 are projected to be released on September 8th. Please note that this date is based on historical patterns and is subject to change.

2. How Long Until My SAT Scores Come Out?

Answer: After taking the August SAT in 2023, you can expect your scores to be available online around 13 days later, on September 8th.

3. Will Colleges Receive My SAT Scores?

Answer: Colleges usually receive August SAT scores within 10 days after you’ve received your scores, which means colleges should have your scores by around September 18th.

4. Can I Access My SAT Scores Earlier Than the Official Release Date?

Answer: While official scores are typically released on a specific date, some students might gain access to their scores a bit earlier through their College Board accounts. However, most scores are made available to all students on the official release date.

5. How Can I Check My SAT Scores?

Answer: To view your score, log in to your College Board account and navigate to the “My SAT” section. On the projected release date, which is September 8th for August 2023, you should find your scores listed there.

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